Tuesday, October 4, 2011

URC AGM 2011

The UiTM Runners Club have gone through their Annual Grande Meeting with the president have stepped down from his seat and giving it to the new candidate which is Izwan Zakaria or he prefer himself to be called Throng ( I don't know the story behind this, I wish I knew ).

Unfortunately he was not present during the meeting as he was having a class that day, however there are several new members of the runners club joining as they share the same interest with all the existing members of the runners club members which is obviously running :3 ... We hope this runners club will continue it's passion and existence for the fellow long distance runners in UiTM.

The meeting was held at the Delima Hall College (Kolej Dewan Delima) the pictures below are the post meeting, most of the new runners have gone back home, these are the senior hardcore runners and athletes. I need to post some pictures of the scene, because if there is no picture it might not have happened.

PS: Having a 2 megapixel camera is so lame. :(


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