Sunday, October 30, 2011

Solomon Inter IPT Orienteering Cup 2011

Another day, another event with the UiTM Runners Club. This time we have our runners and the KRESMA athletes join forces and entered the Solomon Inter IPT Orienteering Cup 2011 at Kuala Woh, Tapah, Perak. Orienteering is an athletic event that requires navigation skills with the aid of map and compass through all the checkpoints plotted in the map. These orienteering challenger must go through all the checkpoints (or more correct term is "MARKERS") to gain points and win the event with the less time as possible.

The event was great and there are lots of elite and veteran athletes in long distance running and orienteering despite there have been shortage of participants due to the busy month of October for IPT students. The orienteering event were divided into two parts, the first part is the night orienteering and the second part was the day orienteering, both were estimated at 3 and 6 kilometers respectively. The night orienteering was named Burung Hantu while the day orienteering was named Burung Engang. Both of the runs are mentally and physically challenging and requires our runners to think ahead and plan their route by the same time having a stable endurance to run the course. It is an individual event and most of our runners were trying to compete amongst ourselves however the runners are still able to lend a helping hand for other URC members that are in need of help or stuck during the event.

There was a hard challenge for every runners from URC but we managed to get several medals despite the placing were mostly dominated by the UTEM students from Melaka. Here I managed to post several pictures from the Orienteering event. More pictures are expected to be uploaded to the UiTM Runner's Club Facebook page and by their members, so I hope you guys enjoy what we have right now. Happy running guys!

The banner for the entrance to Kuala Woh, Tapah, Perak where our camp for the night and our orienteering will start.

The UiTM Runners Club members during the assembly area at Kolej Teratai waiting for their bus that will take them to Perak for the orienteering event. (from left, Asif, Fizi, and Phil Marvin)

The athletes during their warming up session.

These are the runners (the girls are from KRESMA club) that represent UiTM in winning medals in the event. Congratulations to them!

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