Saturday, April 2, 2011

More Pictures from The Second KPT Orienteering 2011

Location Bukit Kepong's Police Station:
Please let us go! We will join URC after this!!

Guest singer of the night with live band music. Old song with a rock vibe, truly an epic dinner to have that night.
I like this picture... the smile on their faces was priceless.

If you went to Pagoh, make sure you pay a visit to this restaurant, just don't order anything if there is a full house and you are on a rush.

I can guess what they are all thinking, "I'm hungry" cross their mind dozens of time despite the smile on their faces...

The beginning and ending gate of the orienteering event. Nice place to take group photos here.

Epic smile from Mr. Popular aka Alwi, the president of runners club

The compasses for the orienteering event, don't lose these baby, you will be fined RM100 each.

The aerobics instructor got the most sunburn from the morning aerobics exercise.

A little words of wisdom from the president of URC to all its members.

Thanks to Alwi Razak, the president of URC and his mobile phone for the pictures, I got the pictures of wednesday, but only managed to find the time and effort to upload it several days later. More will follow.

P/S There is also Muhibah Run which is on 2 April 2011 with the distance of 8km and the Perak Orienteering which is on 1 march 2011. I will upload the pictures for your viewing pleasure.

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