Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Race Result for The Second KPT Orienteering 2011

This is the race result for the KPT Orienteering Event. I've only shortlisted the participants to the UiTM Shah Alam, if the fellow runners here wanted to see the full race results of all the participants please comment on this post. TQ.

For the female category, the champion team members (Bip No. 193) are Fifi, Sukha Razak, Ernie, and Fatin Ahmad. On the otherhand, the winning team member (3rd place, Bip No. 029) for male category are, Alwi, Asif, Asraf, and Fizi.

**P.S. please click for the picture for a larger view.

Enjoy and Happy Running Guys.

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