Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bareno Run Results, Part 2

Thanks to the photo upload from our fellow runners in Facebook I managed to "salvage" some select photos for your viewing pleasure. We hope it is enough, here it is;

The runners posing and showing off their medals.

Tired and taking some rest after the run
Gasp.. at the sight of what? I have no idea... still nice candid pic though :D

Still managed to pose while going for the bus to leave for Shah Alam

The gurls of URC, hear their roar... rawr...

"hey, there is something smelly down there..!"

Aizudin was not quite ready for taking pic...

Alwi is savoring the moment...

Finally "Throng"/Izwan managed to pull an epic face on this shoot with Alwi.
Edan giving bread as gifts to fellow runners. :)

Well that's all from the Bareno Run photos, there are still several other photos that still have not made their way through the film censorship. Just kidding. If there are other photos that other runners are holding feel free to upload them on this blog. Next run is Orienteering Run which would be held in two weeks time after Bareno Run.

Happy running guys!

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