Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bareno Run Results, Part 1

Bareno Run was a blast! These photos are taken by a humble mobile camera, so please forgive the picture's pixel's "imperfection". Here are the few pictures that was taken, more will follow.

Stadium Bukit Jalil is the starting location for the Bareno Run.

It is 4.15am in the morning, Asif and Aizudin are checking the map for the route of the run.

Still waiting for other runners, throng give a signature pose for the camera.

The pak cik bus was early this morning, thanks to him we managed to reach our destination on time.

The three runners who have been the URC President. From left, Aizudin (former URC president), Alwi Razak (current president), Edan Shah (former president and founder)
The girls that look after our belongings and have been taking most of our pictures. Thanks to them!

Other runners from the club. They really love to run.

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