Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Race Result for The Second KPT Orienteering 2011

This is the race result for the KPT Orienteering Event. I've only shortlisted the participants to the UiTM Shah Alam, if the fellow runners here wanted to see the full race results of all the participants please comment on this post. TQ.

For the female category, the champion team members (Bip No. 193) are Fifi, Sukha Razak, Ernie, and Fatin Ahmad. On the otherhand, the winning team member (3rd place, Bip No. 029) for male category are, Alwi, Asif, Asraf, and Fizi.

**P.S. please click for the picture for a larger view.

Enjoy and Happy Running Guys.

The Second KPT Orienteering 2011

The second KPT (Kementerian Pendidikan Tinggi) Orienteering 2011 was held in Pagoh, Johor. It was an initiative from the government to promote the 1 Malaysia concept through sport activities like orienteering by having an open event where all students from every races can participate. This event was open to IPTA and IPTS.

It was a competitive event, but the uitm runners managed to get a good position in the event, especially the UiTM Runners. Who we are if we cannot win in running? Still the girls of the UiTM Runners managed to beat the boys with the girls having the 1st place in their categories while the boys managed to gain 3rd. At least the UiTM Runners Club managed to get a trophy and some medals! Here are some of the pictures from the Orienteering Event! The race results will come in shortly.

The map of Pagoh, Johor. A challenging map for the inexperience runners.

Just arrived at IKBN (Institute Kemahiran Belia Negara), The place we will be staying for 2 nights during our stay at Johor. Phil Marvin is reading a letter for class exemption.

UiTM Runners have conquered Pagoh!!

Asif joining the fellow runners for breakfast

The aerobic exercise before the run in the morning..

The compass use for the orienteering event. Need to return these after the event though.

Preparing equipment before the run, shoes, shirts, shorts, food, & etc.

Have no idea what they are holding, Candid.

URC runners posing style photography...

Taking turns in taking photographs :)
nice pair of shades from fizi (runner + rock climbing athlete)

Jumping photos; we have tonnes of them.

Resting after the race, the weather was blistering hot that day, most of the runners got sunburned

A side trip to Bukit Kepong for some history lesson and "community service" before going to the closing ceremony

The closing ceremony, all the participants that won the orienteering event

UiTM Runners Club with their prize; a trophy and few medals to take home with :)

Signing a water bottle prize for souvenir on the way home

Zul aka. Street Runner (left) and Rasid (right); these runners are heading home to Shah Alam.

More photos to come...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Larian Pantai Bagan Lalang 2011

Date: 19 Mar 2011
Time: 7am
Venue: Pantai Bagan Lalang, Selangor
Distance: 6km and 3.5km
Registration Fees: RM5
Cash prizes and medal: Top 10 winners
Category: Men and women open - 18 yrs and above, Man and Women veteran - 45yrs and above
Contact: 03-83190200
Closing date: 17 Mar 2011

Any interested runners from URC may contact Rawidah at 0177363153. 


Green Run 2011

Date: 27 Mar 2011
Time: 7:20am
Venue: MMU Cyberjaya
Category: Men and Women 18 and above, Junior boy and girl 18 below
Distance: 10km and 8km
Registration Fees: RM28 (RM3 rebet if bring 2kg of newspaper on the event day)
Cash prizes: Top 5 winners
Medal: Top 50
Contact: Yap 017-5609016 or
Closing date: 21 Mar 2011
Details here

Any interested runners from URC may contact Rawidah at 0177363153. 


Kinrara Metta Run 2011

KMBS will be organizing Kinrara Metta Run 2011 to raise fund for the development of the new KMBS building.
Date: 24 Apr 2011
Time: 7:15am
Venue: Taman Damai Utama, Bandar Kinrara Puchong
Distance: 8km and 5km (fun run)
Categories: Men and women open (15 yrs and above), Men veteran (45 and above) and Women veteran (40 and above)
Registration Fees: RM30 for 8km, RM25 for 5km
Trophy: Top 5 winners
Medal: Finisher medal
Contact: Tham Yee Hong (012-3057847)
Closing date: 10 Apr 2011 or 1200 runners
Details here

Any interested runners from URC may contact Rawidah at 0177363153.


Bareno Run Results, Part 2

Thanks to the photo upload from our fellow runners in Facebook I managed to "salvage" some select photos for your viewing pleasure. We hope it is enough, here it is;

The runners posing and showing off their medals.

Tired and taking some rest after the run
Gasp.. at the sight of what? I have no idea... still nice candid pic though :D

Still managed to pose while going for the bus to leave for Shah Alam

The gurls of URC, hear their roar... rawr...

"hey, there is something smelly down there..!"

Aizudin was not quite ready for taking pic...

Alwi is savoring the moment...

Finally "Throng"/Izwan managed to pull an epic face on this shoot with Alwi.
Edan giving bread as gifts to fellow runners. :)

Well that's all from the Bareno Run photos, there are still several other photos that still have not made their way through the film censorship. Just kidding. If there are other photos that other runners are holding feel free to upload them on this blog. Next run is Orienteering Run which would be held in two weeks time after Bareno Run.

Happy running guys!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bareno Run Results, Part 1

Bareno Run was a blast! These photos are taken by a humble mobile camera, so please forgive the picture's pixel's "imperfection". Here are the few pictures that was taken, more will follow.

Stadium Bukit Jalil is the starting location for the Bareno Run.

It is 4.15am in the morning, Asif and Aizudin are checking the map for the route of the run.

Still waiting for other runners, throng give a signature pose for the camera.

The pak cik bus was early this morning, thanks to him we managed to reach our destination on time.

The three runners who have been the URC President. From left, Aizudin (former URC president), Alwi Razak (current president), Edan Shah (former president and founder)
The girls that look after our belongings and have been taking most of our pictures. Thanks to them!

Other runners from the club. They really love to run.

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