Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bareno Run 2011

Bareno (an international company producing home appliances) is organizing the Bareno Run 2011. Below are the details regarding the event

Date     :     Sunday, 13 March 2011
Time     :     5:30am - 10:00am Sharp
Venue     :     National Stadium Bukit Jalil
Organiser     :     Taman Bukit Jalil Running Club (TBJRC)
More information regarding the event can be referred at the official link here

As we all might already know, we will be sending our runners for this event. Therefore, if you are interested kindly send your name as soon as possible to the Tournament Director for this event, Fatin. She can be reached at 0172825152. Should you have any difficulties or enquiries, kindly call her or Mr President directly at  0173738270

As usual, we will be going there by UiTM bus. As the event will start very early, we have to be in UiTM by 4am!

Hurry up guys! Rumours has it that they are reaching the maximum limits of participants!

See you guys there!

Runners Club Organizing Committee for 2011 term


The AGM for UiTM Runners Club was held on 9th February 2011 to elect the new committee members for the club for the term 2011/2012.

The process went smoothly and every person were given right to nominate and elect members.

So, below are the lists of newly elected members for the club (also updated in the blog)

Alwi B Abdul Razak (0173738270)
Naib Presiden:
Nur Isadora Ismail
Fatin binti Ahmad
Naib Setiausaha:
Sukhalidah Razak
Nurhafizi Ishak
Naib Bendahari:
Asyraf Aminuddin
BIRO Sumber Manusia:
Muhammad Fitri Rahmat
Rawidah Binti Rahmat

BIRO Publisiti & Multimedia: Leonardo Laurence
BIRO Pengangkutan:
Asif Yusof
BIRO Tugas Khas:
Mohd Haziq Abdul Razak
Fahmi Izzudin Abd Jalal

BIRO Kebajikan:
Elsie Liza Lah

We hope that the new committee will strive their best to contribute to the success of the club. Hopefully it will continue to achieve more great achievements that we can be proud of not only as members of the Runners Club, but also to our beloved university.

More information about our future event will be posted here soon.

Don't forget to come to our usual trainings on Tuesday and Thursday at  UiTM Stadium from 5.30pm to 7pm

See you on the trail!

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Please take note for this..
tell other people about this AGM.

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