Friday, January 1, 2010

Re: One Mile Dash

salam.. on new year's eve, six URC members ran the One Mile Dash: New Year Bash at Jalan Doraisamy to the Dataran Merdeka..
The run started at 8.15pm for the category C & D (men & women : aged 19-25)

The members that ran the race was:

and not to forget that hariz came to give support..

alwi - 9th
zuddin - 22nd
fitri - 27th
sufi - 2nd
fifi - 3rd
ruby - 5th

before the run starts

1st place- michelle (same champion).. 2nd place- sufi.. 3rd place- fifi.. (2nd & 3rd for URC)

URC members that joined the race

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