Sunday, December 20, 2009

Re: Malakoff 12km 2009

salam to all members. this is the pictures of today's run..


alwi- 55min 50sec
fizi- 56min 39sec
haire- 60min 00sec
nasa- 59min 56sec
shiham- 1hour 2min
zuddin- 1hour 2min
adek dush- 1hour 09min
ben- 1 hour 09min
hariz- 1hour 14min
fifi- 1hour 25min

(for those that i dont know your timing, sms me your timing ok)

URC members that join the race

together with chap ayam runners

the whole runners (URC & Chap Ayam Runners)

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kaki LARI said...

alwi semakin hebat...tahniah pd semua...keep training...

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