Saturday, November 14, 2009

URC is coming back online

salam to all loyal members of URC, as we all know the semester break has started and less activity we can go together. But don't forget that there are still running event out there such as:

>>KLAVA 2nd Back To Nature Relay (29 november 09 - 3 x 3.39km - Taman Metropolitan Batu -RM45/team)
>>SJK(C) Kwong Hon Charity Run (17 december 09 - 10km - Sungai Besi - RM35)
>>Malakoff 12km 2009 (20 december 09 - 12km - Bukit Kiara - RM35)

Some of the members will join the Malakoff 12km in Bukit Kiara. However since members are not in UiTM, therefor we will not be going with UiTM bus. We will go there by ourselves.
Contact us if you want us to register for you for SJK(C) charity run or Malakoff 12km as soon as possible (better before 20th November 2009)

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