Saturday, November 28, 2009

Next Event of 2010...

salam to all members..
Club will not join the Larian Kelab Penembak in Klang on 10th January 2010. Due to Great Eastern Pacesetters also have 10km run, all members that have given their name to join the Kelab Penembak Run will be transfered to join Great Eastern Pacesetters Run. Please be noticed.

Great Eastern Pacesetters
Distance: 10km / 20km /30km
Date: 17th January 2010
Time: 5.30am (30km starts)
Venue: Precint 6, Putrajaya
Fees: RM40 / RM40 / RM45
Timing chip: RM10 (refundable) (for 20km & 30km only)
Closing date: 10th January or 3000 entries (whichever comes first)
**but our club will submit the entry form on 26th December 2010. Later than that, you have to submit to pacesetters by yourself. thank you

any inquiries please contact aizuddin or fifi

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Malaysian University Explore Race

there was malaysian university explore race at UTHM (Johore) on 23rd nov to 25th nov 2009. and UiTM had called our club to send a team that must have 2 men and 2 women. the team members were aizuddin, hafizi (fizi), shafikah (fifi), & nurhafiza (pjart). all of them are URC committee..

there were 10 other teams in the race. UM had sent 3 teams and UUM had sent 2 teams, there rest just sent one like UiTM. the other universities that took part were UniKL MITEC, UniKL BMI, UPNM, UTHM, and UMT.

the theme of the race is "survival". it is so obvious that KRESMA suppose to join this type of race but our club been called to send one. the URC team actually didnt expect the explore race is survival race. that camping at two different places for two night and run the all the stuffs here and there. the last day (25th nov 2009), last game the team had was "pandu arah" which is using compass, protractor, and map. the team main goal is to be behind UPNM as they suppose to be so good in the bearing and map reading. however, there were two teams reach the finish checkpoint of the game which were UiTM and UniKL MITEC. our URC team actually learn to read the compass and bearing on the night they reached UTHM (from 9.30pm to 1.00am).

UiTM had won 1st place in this race. Once again URC brought up UiTM name in the explore race.
2nd place - Universiti Pertahanan Negara Malaysia
3rd place - Univeriti Utara Malaysia

with URC official t-shirt in UTHM

from left: aizuddin, pjart, fifi, fizi

Saturday, November 14, 2009

URC is coming back online

salam to all loyal members of URC, as we all know the semester break has started and less activity we can go together. But don't forget that there are still running event out there such as:

>>KLAVA 2nd Back To Nature Relay (29 november 09 - 3 x 3.39km - Taman Metropolitan Batu -RM45/team)
>>SJK(C) Kwong Hon Charity Run (17 december 09 - 10km - Sungai Besi - RM35)
>>Malakoff 12km 2009 (20 december 09 - 12km - Bukit Kiara - RM35)

Some of the members will join the Malakoff 12km in Bukit Kiara. However since members are not in UiTM, therefor we will not be going with UiTM bus. We will go there by ourselves.
Contact us if you want us to register for you for SJK(C) charity run or Malakoff 12km as soon as possible (better before 20th November 2009)

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