Sunday, July 26, 2009

report: Malakoff University Duathlon Series 2009 (UPM only)

salam, on 19th July 2009 our club have cooperate with UiTM Cycling club to join the duathlon race in UPM. UiTM had sent 5 teams which were two men teams, two mixed teams, & one women team. The race was 3km running - 13km cycling - 3km running. So, the team must consist of 3 participant. 

UiTM team A:
- Asif
- Haziq (cycling club)
- Alwi

UiTM team B:
- Azrey
- Fadli (cycling club)
- Nasa

UiTM team C:
- Awin
- Azwan (cycling club)
- Ana

UiTM team D:
- Sufinah
- Aizuddin
- Hafizi

UiTM team E:
- Fifi
- Ecah
- Sukha

the results- non of the team make it to the Top 3, but we did perform well too. the contestant from UPNM (universiti pertahanan negara malaysia) were so good. but, uitm teams make it in Top 10 result. congratulations...

click here to check the result :


sick said...

bro, result nak tgk mana?

zuddin said...

aku pun sudah check tp diorang x update pun result TEAM.. ada result INDIVIDUAL jer... hadui...
ni link die.. said...

Tahniah guys!!

kalau prtime student itm leh join ker..hehhehe

adek dush said...

bole jek....sape2 yg berminat jom la join...

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