Thursday, June 25, 2009

Standard Chartered International Marathon

Salam to all club members, here is the details on the day of SCKL race. As usual, we will gather at Pusat Sukan UiTM Shah Alam, please be punctual as this is a big event and marathon race will be started at 5.30am. So that road already close one hour before the race and we don't want to get stuck somewhere if there is any problem.

Gather at: Pusat Sukan UiTM Shah Alam
Time: 4.40am
Date: 28th June 2009

    • aizuddin (half marathon)
    • amad (half marathon)
    • asif (half marathon)
    • awin (10km)
    • azrey (half marathon)
    • daud (MARATHON)
    • daus (half marathon)
    • ecah (10km)
    • fadhlullah (half marathon)
    • farid (half marathon)
    • fifi (half marathon)
    • hafizi zain (10km)
    • hariz (half marathon)
    • hazwana (half marathon)
    • kamal (half marathon)
    • munirah (half marathon)
    • nasaruddin (half marathon)
    • nasrul (half marathon)
    • nazrul (10km)
    • ruby (half marathon)
    • sufinah (half marathon)
    • syah, UR01 (half marathon)
all the best to UiTM runners..


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