Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Setia Alam New Balance, 11km..

salam.. On 7th June, there were 4 members of runners club went to the Setia Alam NB 11km run. Those members were aizuddin, awin, nasrul, & ramadhan..
The race was scheduled to start at 7.00am but we were so upset because the organiser change the time without prior notice, the race started at 6.50am and yes we were late!!
As we reached there, we saw 11km runners have started and so we run quickly to the starting place and take the 1st ribbon before start the race.. This situation reminds us about the Bukit Jalil run last March.. :)


aizuddin - 56:39, 42nd
nasrul - 60:18, 67th
ramadhan - 69:00, 128th
awin - 72:49, 28th


adek dush said...

medal cantekkk la

abdul ghafur ramadhan said...

hehehe,,mcm menyesal yerk tak masuk

zuddin said...

tali medal die adalah yg terbaik pernah aku dpt lah!! cantik

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