Monday, June 29, 2009

report: Standard Charetered KL International Marathon

salam, for the SCKL international marathon our club have sent 21 runners. There were few runners couldn't come for this run due to several reasons (especially this race in sem break).

full marathon:
half marathoners:
10km runners:
-fizi zain

all runners arrived at datarn merdeka about 5.35am (good job runners). Then we went to dataran merdeka and pray in the surau (organiser prepared one booth for muslims to pray) thats good. at 5.00am, all full marathon runners start their mission to accomplish 41km run. meanwhile, at 6.15am, the half marathon runners were released. and 45mins later, the 10km runners turn.

however, this race was a very good and clear lesson to UiTM Runners' Club (URC) members..
Never enter half marathon WITHOUT enough training!! most runners were injured while in the run and after the run. the 21km is a long distance, and without enough training, the muscle will suffer due to the impact for about 2hours running (averagely). So, for members that will join half-marathon in ADIDAS King Of The Road (2 august 2009), please have enough training.


full marathon (42.195km):
1- daud (4hrs 20mins)

half marathoners (21.097km):
1-syah (1hr 31mins 40sec)
2-fallah (1hr 51mins 12sec)
3-alwi (1hr 55mins)
4-hariz (1hr 58mins)
5-aizuddin (2hrs 11mins)
6-sufinah (2hrs 23mins)
7-nasa (2hrs 21mins 33sec)
8-fifi (2hrs 35mins)
9-nasrul (2hrs 37mins)
10-ruby (2hrs 38mins)
11-munirah (3hrs 00min)
12-azrey (3hrs 01mins)
13-ilie (3hrs 01mins)
14-pjart (3hrs 20mins)
15-puteri (3hrs 20mins)
16-asif (3hrs 30mins)

10km runners:
1-nazrul (58mins 15sec)
2-fizi zain (1hr 05mins 5sec)
3-awin (1hr 17mins 41sec)
4-rohasmiza (1hr 40mins)

**pictures will be updated soon..

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Standard Chartered International Marathon

Salam to all club members, here is the details on the day of SCKL race. As usual, we will gather at Pusat Sukan UiTM Shah Alam, please be punctual as this is a big event and marathon race will be started at 5.30am. So that road already close one hour before the race and we don't want to get stuck somewhere if there is any problem.

Gather at: Pusat Sukan UiTM Shah Alam
Time: 4.40am
Date: 28th June 2009

    • aizuddin (half marathon)
    • amad (half marathon)
    • asif (half marathon)
    • awin (10km)
    • azrey (half marathon)
    • daud (MARATHON)
    • daus (half marathon)
    • ecah (10km)
    • fadhlullah (half marathon)
    • farid (half marathon)
    • fifi (half marathon)
    • hafizi zain (10km)
    • hariz (half marathon)
    • hazwana (half marathon)
    • kamal (half marathon)
    • munirah (half marathon)
    • nasaruddin (half marathon)
    • nasrul (half marathon)
    • nazrul (10km)
    • ruby (half marathon)
    • sufinah (half marathon)
    • syah, UR01 (half marathon)
all the best to UiTM runners..

Monday, June 22, 2009

Shape & Men's Health Run

salam, info about new event here.

Date: 25th July 2009..
Time: 8.00 pm.. (night run!!)
Venue: Precint 3, Putrajaya..

contact zuddin (013-2225741) or fifi (017-2436412) before 26th June 2009 to join this race. TQ

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Larian Bomba (Pictures)

All pictures of Larian Bomba (10 May 2009) can be download now at our club photo album..

Keep training as new semester going to start soon and a lot of events are coming. The most important is to balance our study and training. Have fun running :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

New Balance Pacesetter 15km

salam, sorry for the very late pictures upload..

race details,
Date: 17th May 2009
Time: 7.00am
Venue: Tapak A, Lake Gardens
Members run: 9 runners
Members joined: 14 members.

-selected pictures-

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Setia Alam New Balance, 11km..

salam.. On 7th June, there were 4 members of runners club went to the Setia Alam NB 11km run. Those members were aizuddin, awin, nasrul, & ramadhan..
The race was scheduled to start at 7.00am but we were so upset because the organiser change the time without prior notice, the race started at 6.50am and yes we were late!!
As we reached there, we saw 11km runners have started and so we run quickly to the starting place and take the 1st ribbon before start the race.. This situation reminds us about the Bukit Jalil run last March.. :)


aizuddin - 56:39, 42nd
nasrul - 60:18, 67th
ramadhan - 69:00, 128th
awin - 72:49, 28th

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