Wednesday, April 1, 2009

report: Temasya Olahraga Tahunan (TOT)

This event was held last weekend and some of URC members took part in the competition and we focus on running. As we are all the mid distance runners, we are not really competitive in sprint event such as 100m, 400m, and also 800m..
We are better in 1500m and yes 3000m for sure as our club member won the GOLD MEDAL.


Alwi (1500m & 3000m) [Gold medal in 3000m]
Azrey (800m & 3000m)
Fadhullah (3000m)
Nasrul (3000m)
Hafizi (4x400m)
Asif (800m & 1500m)
Kamal (4x100m & 800m)
Nassa (1500m)
Shiham (1500m)
Ruby (1500m & 3000m) [SILVER medal in 1500m & 3000m]
Awin (3000m)
Pjart (4x400m)
Ana Mohzan (800m) [GOLD medal]

Congratulations to all URC members that participated in the competition..
Next year, we will make sure URC will send more participation for this TEMASYA OLAHRAGA TAHUNAN and we are hoping that they will add more event - 5000m.

-selected pictures-

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