Monday, March 23, 2009

+Sunday Activity+

Last Sunday (22nd March 2009 @ 7.05am) we had our Sunday training- run around UiTM Shah Alam for two laps. For the first lap was the "group running" session, and the second lap was the "own pace" session.
Members that participated in this training were:
(*they were waiting at the starting point to take care our bags and take pictures)

The first lap time was about 40minutes. We started from Dataran Cendekia and run the longest way (no shortcut!).

(before starting - 7.10am)


After stretching and warming up, we started our group run at 6-7min/km pace. The group run was fun and this is also a good warming up before we hit our own pace in second lap. We had some new members that joint sunday run for this day which were; daus, farid, naz, nassa, munirah, pjart, & hazwana.. thank you for the support you all gave and congratulation for all the members that joint this run as all runners willing to wake up early in the morning and meet at car park 7.05am sharp!

So, we started our Sunday run;

(1st hills at starting point)                        (the group running together)
                                                   (1st going down after long up hill)
(another hill after main gate)                                (double hill)                                    (go..go..go..)
(really can test our fitness)                                                              (UiTM Malaysia Runners' Club)
(aizuddin & nazrul)                                      (hazwana)                               (closing to the back gate)               

then, after we rested ourselves for about 2 minutes, we started our second lap. farid, pjart, and hazwana didnt joint the second lap as they were not feeling well.

see it? how steep the hills we got in uitm? perhaps it's not "bukit tonggek" yet! hahaha.. 
second lap runners;

this second lap was a special lap as we run the "bukit tonggek"!! nassa was the fastest runner conquer this "bukit tonggek", GOOD JOB! then, followed by hafizi & hariz, and other runners at the back.
all runners run at their own pace and we can see the different between each runners. Faster runners, you must maintain and find room of improvements to have a better running. For slower runners, the club always willing to help build up your performance. We will train each other as the preparation for New Balance 15km (17th May 2009) and also our BIGGEST target - Standard Chartered KL International (28th June 2009).

Runners at the finishing point;

              (nassa)                         (hafizi)                                 (hariz)                                  (nazrul)
                     (aizuddin)                                  (ruby)                                                    (ahmad)
            (bro daus)                              (munirah)

the other 234 pictures:


hariz zin said...

training nie gle larr..
first lap mmg lepak jer..
2nd lap,bukit tonggek wat kakiku da injured..
huhu..peha yg mmg tgh sakit da jd bertambah sakit..

ape2 pun,TRAINING SYIIIOK oh..

zuddin said...

hehe.. this training mmg best!
chaiyo lah!!

ahad ni nak lagi x?

pJarT_FiZa said...

hmmm...seronok training gak skali skale tukar environment training...owez kt stadium jee...can't wait for d next training..

hariz zin said...

aq tengah injured..
hamstring rasa nk meletup(kena ketuk-ketampi 100x)

tgk arr nk g ke x..

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