Monday, March 23, 2009

+Sunday Activity 2+

Salam to ALL URC MEMBERS....

This sunday (29th march 2009) we will do our second training (as we don't have any competition at this day). The training route is same as last sunday run but we will run 2 laps of Men Open route. Men and Women will train at the same route. We WONT run "bukit tonggek" this time.

Route: URC Training Route 1
Date: 29th march 2009
Gathering time: before 7.00 am
Stretching time: 7.05 am
Starting time: 7.15 am
Distance: +- 11km

Please sms me if you are interested (aizuddin: 013-2225741) as we want to make sure who is dare to take the challenge!
Please wear stopwatch also as we want to take your time. TQ
Ajak semua rakan-rakan yang berminat...

In 12th April 2009, we will run 3 laps! stay tuned~


1 comment:

aku kaki LARI said...

bro..ahad tu ade kejohanan olaharaga..patut ajak sume dtg beri sokongan kat stadium uitm..huhu..

tapi aku tak pasti event start pkul brape..pagi kot..

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