Wednesday, March 11, 2009

+important informations+

Salam to all URC members that will join the event this weekend. Either on;

Saturday (14th march 2009) (Telekom Museum Run - 10km) 


Sunday (15th march 2009) (Seri Sinar Charity Run - 10km)

or for runners that join BOTH!!! (runners yang hebat!)

Please ensure that everyone gather at Pusat Sukan UiTM at 5.30am..
Don't be late as past events please...
Also, for both run, cream bread and mineral drink will bot be provided as we always did. There is reason for this. Thank you :)

eh? dah ready nak lari ke blum sume2 ni?? hehe...


URC 69 said...

oh oh... so yg x msk due2 x hebat la... cis merajuk la cam nie x nak lari ahh.. hahaha

zuddin said...

haha... jangan merajuk2...
nnt lari x laaju... hehe

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