Sunday, March 8, 2009

Closed Training~

Hello, on 8th march 2009 we had our group running.. just around UiTM shah alam, and we used the Melati Run route (but we skipped the "Bukit Tonggek"). people that join were

1) aizuddin
2) hafizi
3) ahmad
4) hariz
5) sufinah
6) syazwina
7) nasrul** he came late!! hahaha

we gather at the car park infront of Dataran Cendekia bus stop, did a little bit stretching and started running at 6.14pm (late! as we planned to run at 6pm)
the amazing thing about this run was we did 2 laps of the route. 1st route using the men route for melati run and for 2nd route we ran using the women route for melati run.
for the 1st lap (or 1st round) we ran in group. then the 2nd round after a little bit refreshing ourselves, we ran according to our own pace (after the pondok pak guard pintu depan tu~)..

the distance is: 9.5km 

congratulation as all of us finished below 65 minutes.


hafizi's shoes - adistar glide
zuddin's shoes- adidas response 16th edition
sufinah's shoes- nike ........

hariz's shoes- saucony A2, with words "kiss this"

awin's shoes- nike air alaris

ahmad's shoes- brooks ......

after the run! 

**we will run again on 22nd march 2009 in the morning. URC that interested to join please sms me (aizuddin) your name. Insyallah if we dont have any outside event on that day. 
for 22nd march, we will run 2 round of UiTM that means 10.44km. we will run as a group for the first round, and 2nd round will be RUN AT YOUR PACE!

'The distance may look easy, but you don't feel the hills yet!! who dare to take the challenge~!!'

-impossible x ada pape lah- hahaha....


mat_hariz said...

bulu kaki aku dtgkap sekali..

len x kita wat 3laps lak..haha.
(2laps pun nak tercabut jantung)..

are-win said...

Hah btol tu..tgk bkt cm sng try naik 2 round..pergh haha.Tmbah2 plak matahari yg terik memancar..anyway congratz to all

zuddin said...

proud of you all URC members that joint!!!

are-win, good job! kau lawan gak bukit2 tu sume..
mmg ada target nak buat 3 laps. maybe in april...


mat_hariz said...

wah..aku main2 je..tapi kalo nak jadi kenyataan pun ok gak.


aku kaki LARI said...

kasut sume dah mahal..mmg takde problem nak training road..

gud job..")

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