Thursday, January 29, 2009

The plan....

salam to all runners that LOVE to RUN...

this tuesday (3rd feb 09) training will be in UiTM stadium and our fast runner (mr.syahidan) will talk about running techniques for a couple of minutes (starting at 6pm) then we will have our regular run together. so, please come on time. 

meanwhile, we are going to do our first FITNESS TEST on thursday (5th feb 09) but not 1km test, instead 1.5km test. the best thing about this coming thursday, we are going to do our very first fitness test at section 7 lakes, Shah Alam.. we need each of the members remind each other that we are not going to have the meeting at stadium on this day but we will be gathered at section 7 lakes, Shah Alam. 

Lastly, as our members are growing, we are unable to update the name of members at "UiTM Runner's Club Members" section. here is the plan, we are going to put only the committed members' name and with their PICTURE at that section. but this plan required some time, we will try our best to update it with in two weeks. and by now, we are starting to recognizing committed members... so, what are you waiting for? give your commitment to the club..

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