Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Mizuno Wave Run heat~

Hello all club members. Are you ready for the mizuno run on 19th Oct? Hari Raya is one more day, don't forget that lemang, rendang, kuih raya, and all those sweetened beverages is not good to take too much. Take moderately, or the best is to take some of everything. With this, you can eat it all, but without putting you into extra calories. The mizuno run is just about three more weeks, and don't forget that our training is on Tuesday and  Thursday. For beginner (including me), don't be afraid as you heard the word "training". This is more to prepare yourself for 10km run. If not you will end up by give up in the middle of the race or you will hurt your body the next day. haha!

So, to give some motivation, this is the pictures I've taken at Mizuno The Gardens when I went for registration. So, dream it, work for it!  

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