Friday, September 26, 2008


Changes in official club Tshirt design-

Price   : RM35
Sizes  : M, L, XL,& XXL
Colour: White (Blue stripe)
Design: Climacool (round neck)

front  : adidas logo with "i'm a runner" wording.
back : adidas logo with club's logo.



                                                                    left: XXL.. right: M

*sorry for the last minute changes. It's due to stock problems. This is the latest design.. LETS RUN!!

---> the t-shirt will be given on 10th oct (friday). it is compulsory for members to wear the t-shirt on the event day at puncak perdana on 11th oct (saturday).
---> there is no more t-shirt for new registered members as it is limited.
---> for those who still did not pay, please do so as soon after raya.


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