Friday, August 29, 2008


Why do you run?

To stay in shape, to meet new people, to feel better? If you said “yes” to any of the above, you are like many other runners. By running as few as two to three times a week, you can:

• Burn calories - Running burns more calories than any other form of cardiovascular exercise except cross-country skiing.

• Fight aging - You can prevent bone and muscle loss and promote human growth hormone by taking part in high-intensity activities like running.

• Reduce the risk of stroke, heart attacks and breast cancer - Physicians encourage running for their patients who are at a high risk for or in the early stages of osteoporosis, diabetes or hypertension.

• Improve overall health – Running helps raise good cholesterol and boosts the immune system.

In addition to the many health benefits of running, it also boosts the mind. Running helps you:

• Build self confidence.

• Treat depression by reducing tension and fatigue.

• Improve attitude - Go for the “runner’s high.”

• Improve focus and determination in all areas of life.
• Meet and develop a group of friends with similar interests.

• Promote feelings of pride and goodwill by participating in races that contribute to society, such as Komen Race for the Cure and Charles Harris Run for Research.

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